Responsible Travel

playplanet does more then connecting travelers with local hosts
with playplanet you pack impact in your backpack!
For explorer
Travel responsible and close to local communities to create meaningful impact
For host
Share your insights with travelers and support yourself and the community

Traveling is a beautiful art! We get to witness places we saw in postcards, get to know people who expand our horizons or explore culinary adventures through colourful and tasty dishes! To travel is to live! Yet, traveling also leaves a long trace of negative impact on the communities that open their doors for us.

Traveling is an art that can be more responsible. playplanet’s mission is to build a solid ground for responsible tourism in Asia. To connect travelers and local host is one corner of the block but it is how we travel when we connect that matters!

You can travel with impact in your luggage by the choices you make. By embracing responsible traveling you are both a friend of culture and environment. Together with a local host you are welcomed to a different world, where you get to cherish local wisdom and heritage and nourish awareness on culture and nature. By share fun we can together make sure that created value is given back to local economies and its people.

With playplanet you can together with a local host create a journey with meaning! At playplanet we believe responsible tourism shouldn’t be a hassle but a joy, where we have fun while spreading impact where it counts!