Buyeo UNESCO Heritage 1 Day Tour

Welcome to Buyeo the city rich in ancient history
  • 비용 40,000
  • 소요시간 1
  • 인원 1-15
  •  Buyeo is austere, modest towns, where one can feel the dignity of the old Baekje Kingdom.
  • The site was registerd in July 4, 2015, as the 12th in South Korea on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
  • According to hearsay, you will gain 3 years of youth if drinking the water at Goran Temple.
  1. Baekje Cultural Center : Baekje Cultural Land is the first restored Baekje palace in the country.  All buildings in Sabiseong will help you better understand the artistic and historical values of Baekje.
  2. Busosanseong Fortress : The remains of Baekje fortress was once a private royal garden; when Baekje was defeated in war, Baekje women killed themselves at Nakhwaam and fell into the river.
  3. Korea Traditional Sailboat/Goran Temple :A temple that was assumed to be built toward the end of Baekje Kingdom.It has been said it was a resting spot for the kings. Floating atop of Baengmagang River, Goransa Ferry is the best way to view Nakhwaam Rock and to understand the history of the Baekje Dynasty.
  4. Gungnam Pond :  According to Japanese historical record, Gungnam Pond which created by Baekje King Mum has significant influences on their landscaping technology.
  5. Jeongnim Temple Site : As one of two remaining Baekje pagodas, this stone pagoda itself is a precious and important artifact that established the lineage of Korean stone pagoda patterns.

** The itinerary is subject to change depending on local traffic conditions.


** Oct Schedule : Seoul - Gungnam Pond - Jeongnim Temple Site or Busosanseong Fortress - Lunch - Traditional Music Performance - Baekje Cultural Land - Traditional Market - Seoul


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Transportation, Lunch, Travel Insurance, English Speaking Staff, Enterance Ticket

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My mother and the maternal side of my family came from Buyeo

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