Responsible Travel for Traveler

Travel with Heart

Short but effective steps to be a responsible explorer!

Reuse your towel, don’t change your linens often – we have all heard it before! But to be a responsible is beyond towels, it is a way to travel!

As travelers we are on a quest to explore new soils and as a responsible traveller you can sail your wind while being a good friend of nature, cultures and local economies! Some through big steps and other small – but all with an impact!

Start at home!

Get unplugged! While traveling you should take a break from the daily life and indulge in a new world – this goes for your electronics at home as well! Unplug your electric appliances that don’t need to be plugged in, like computers, television or microwave. Did you know that 10 per cent of electricity in our homes is wasted by plugged-in electronics while unused? Hey, you can save some money and use it for a delicious dish on your journey instead!

Indulge in Culture!

Cultures are the window to the soul of people and places! Buy locally produced crafts, eat delicious specialities at a local restaurant or food-stall, visit festivals, learn the language or make local friends to host you! The vibrant atmosphere of local heritage, customs or folklore and wisdom cannot be mass-produced nor found on the mainstream tourist attractions!

By nature – for nature!

Leave the seashells at their own home! Nature is spectacular, in its smallest wonders to its biggest magic – let’s keep it like that! When traveling we already leave a big negative impact by often using airplanes but we can reduce our impact by conscious choices. Don’t bring home self-picked souvenirs from your journey, take a picture and keep the memory on your desktop instead of hiding it in your bookshelf!

What moves you?

Take a trip on a local bus! Cities like Bangkok, Seoul or Jakarta are swamped with taxis! Taxis drive from one corner to another searching for potential passengers, yet these also contributes to traffic jam and unnecessary pollutions. Instead choose to use a local bus – which can be a journey itself! You may to a trade-off on the comfy aspects, but trust us – what you will see through the windows of a bus and the people you meet on the seat next to you may bring you to new destinations or be a beginning of a new friendship!

Seeking the real deal?

Authenticity is not rare but hard to find! The world is traveling! Last year the globe hosted 1 billion travelers… and more people are joining the exciting adventures! But our globe cannot host all of us without us acting responsible. We week authentic and off-beat experiences, a unique insight to a new world – this can become reality with a local host! If you seek the real deal allow a local host to share their own pearls found in their communities while nourishing micro-entrepreneurialism and trigger down the economic distribution where it belongs.

Put trash where it belongs!

You may not see it – but it doesn’t mean it disappeared! In tourist-crowded areas guests who come and leave produce most of the waste, directly or indirectly. Waste is a big issue at every corner of the world and as travelers we are responsible not to harm the places we visit and preserve the natural inhabitant. All of us are guests on this earth – what would you expect from a guest?

Knowledge is Power… Power to change!

If you know, can you close your eyes? We live in a globalized world and as travelers we do not leave be responsible citizens at home – it is essential to care for people and places! Raise awareness on your trip, learn from people and local books – Knowledge is Power… Power to change ourselves and our society!