Responsible Travel

Share responsibly!

A guide to responsible hosting

Where you live is your playground and you can invite travelers to your world!

As a host you can both have fun and earn an extra income – but it also means you have to bring out the micro-entrepreneur hiding in you! As a host you plan your one-day or longer tour and we encourage all hosts to enjoy the process of developing own skills while sharing their valuable perspectives, places and stories with travelers!

Open Your World!

As a playplanet host you open up worlds! Being a host is a great opportunity to use your free time to meet new friends, share stories and make an extra income! But before you take the first steps there are certain points to think about; to be a great host is not difficult but it calls for passion!

What story should I tell!

Every community has a story to tell – be its storyteller! Storytelling is an enchanting piece of art where listeners and storytellers share a journey of history and future. As a host you can tell a story by bringing travelers to places hidden from the regular tourist attractions. In the world of playplanet every spot or idea can be shared and as a local host you are free to creatively post experiences you wish to share – everything from social dining, to one-day trips to local market or invite to your own local project or perhaps teach the local handicraft of your village – the sky is NOT the limit!

Be clear!

What, why and how? As a local host consider what is it you want to share, why is it fun, special, unique or interesting and how do you want to share it with travelers. By using the playplanet platform you can easily fill out step-by-step your tour but remember to be clear in what you want to say!

Safety first!

Safety for you and the traveller! As a local host you must care for your and the travelers safety! The first step of safety is to trust your rational sense of what is safe and what is not, secondly be well prepared on your tour; is there anything you or the travel should prepare? Are there any physical requirements or special care for food? Also, playplanet is continuously working with social trust on the platform – we are very careful to make sure that both travelers and local hosts are connected with great people to share fun and spread impact!

Natural beauty!

Respect your environment! playplanet hosts are regular people with a passion to share the wisdom of their communities or introduce new spots for travelers on their journey – but playplanet hosts should also be people with love for nature! What choices to you make when planning your tour – reduce the environmental impact through direct choices such as eat directly in the restaurant and avoid unnecessary waste or say no to plastic and care for the places you visit with sensitivity!

Have fun!

Be You! As a host you are the leader of the trip but you are also a traveller and a friend! Have fun and enjoy the experience of meeting new friends from all corners of the world and learn together!