Privacy policy

1. Purposes of Collection and Use of Personal Information

① Purposes of collection and use of personal information

PlayPlanet (the “Company”) uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.

  1. Performance of contract relating to the provision of Service (defined under Article 1(2) of this Policy) and settlement of payment of fees following the provision of Service: reservation and payment of travel (the “Travel”), subscription to travel insurance, provision, purchase, and payment of fees relating to contents, delivery of goods or dispatch of billing address, etc., confirmation and consultation of reservation details, reservation of flight ticket and hotel among others and confirmation of details of departure and destination countries, identity check for financial transaction and finance service, and fee collection, etc.
  2. Member management: identity check as a part of member management and use of Service, verification of individual identity, prevention of unauthorized use by unruly members and their disqualification, prevention of use, confirmation of intent to subscribe, verification of age, verification of consent by legal attorney-in-fact in case of collection of personal information of child under age 14, record-keeping for dispute resolution, complaint handling, and delivery of notices, etc.
  3. Others: establishment of clear communication channels including verification of one’s opinion, introduction of new service / product or event, and usage for various marketing activities against members.

② Personal information items for collection

The items to be provided to the Company for the purpose of provision of travel service (the “Service”) and their purposes are as follows.

  1. At the time of member subscription: essential items (email address, password, and name) and selective items (mobile phone number, residing country, residing city, facebook account, and Google Plus account)
  2. Confirmation and consultation of reservation details: name, mobile phone number, and email address
  3. Reservation of flight ticket / hotel and verification of ability to depart: Name in English / possession of visa, and passport details (name in English, passport number, and passport expiry date)
  4. Others: log record, service usage record, Cookie, IP address, usage suspension record, and usage termination record

③ Personal information handling and possession period

Your personal information will be destroyed once the purposes of collection / provision of personal information are satisfied; provided, however, where there is a need to preserve such information under the relevant laws and regulations, the Company will keep the members’ information for a certain period specified under the relevant laws and regulations as follows.

  1. Record of contract or subscription withdrawal: 5 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commercial Transactions, etc.)
  2. Record of payment of fees and supply of goods and services: 5 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commercial Transactions, etc.)
  3. Record of consumer complaint or dispute handling: 3 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commercial Transactions, etc.)
  4. Record of labeling and advertisement: 6 months (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commercial Transactions, etc.)
  5. Record of website access: 3 months (Communication Confidentiality Protection Act)

2. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

① Your personal information is safely protected under the Company’s Personal Information Protection Policy. The Company does not provide personal information to other businesses and organizations that are unrelated with the Service without your prior consent. The Company provides personal information of Host and Traveller to the extent necessary for the purpose of orderly processing of the scheduled Travel. Personal information is provided only when the reservation / payment are complete through the Service provided by the Company, and the Company will request for your prior consent through email, SMS, phone, or mobile messenger.

  1. Recipient: Host and Traveller
  2. Provided items: name, mobile phone number, and SNS account
  3. Purpose of usage: confirmation of number of travellers and preparation of Travel
  4. Period in possession: from the date of completion of reservation / payment of Travel to the date of completion of Travel

② The Company may provide your personal information to third parties in the following cases.

  1. Where there is a request by the relevant organizations for the purpose of investigation under the relevant laws and regulations;
  2. Where the Company provides to advertising partners or research centers for the purpose of preparation of statistics, academic research or market survey in a form in which a particular individual is unidentifiable;
  3. Where there is a request under the procedures set forth in the other relevant laws and regulations ;
  4. Where there is a request from the relevant organizations in relation to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism-certified best product;
  5. Where it is necessary for the purpose of settlement of fees following the provision of Service ;
  6. Where a person caused psychological and material damages on other person by the use of PlayPlanet Service and thus there is a sufficient basis to believe that the provision of personal information is necessary in order to take a legal measure in relation to such damages; and
  7. Where certain information can be provided to delegated contractors for the purpose of gift and prize services resulting from campaign promotions, various events or exhibitions and your prior consent is obtained in relation to the type and purpose and period of usage of necessary information.

③ Despite the foregoing, even with respect to the matters of exception, the Company operates in a way that it will in principle notify the relevant party if the information is provided under the relevant laws and regulations or pursuant to a request from an investigating authority. The Company may inevitably not be able to notify the relevant party due to a legal ground. The Company will exercise its best efforts so that information is not provided indiscreetly in contrary to the original purposes of collection and usage.

3. Delegation of Handling of Personal Information

① For the purpose of smooth handling of personal information work, the Company may delegate a part of handling work of personal information to an external party. In case of execution of a delegation contract, the Company will specify in the document the purpose of performance of delegated work, prohibited handling of personal information, technological and managerial protective measures, prohibition of re-delegation, supervision and management of delegated business, and duty of compensatory damages, etc. under the relevant laws and regulations, and will supervise so that the delegated party safely handles the personal information.
② The current status of the Company’s delegation of personal information is as follows. The delegation period is until either the cancellation of membership or termination of delegation contract. Where there is a change to the delegated work or delegated party, the Company will disclose the details of change without any delay based on the Personal Information Protection Policy.

  1. PayGate: payment agency/proxy for electronic transactions
  2. Paypal: payment agency/proxy for electronic transactions
  3. MailChimp: sending of email
  4. Twilio: sending of SMS

4. Your Rights and Method of Exercise

① You may exercise your following rights related to the protection of personal information at any time against the Company.

  1. Request for viewing of personal information
  2. Request for correction in case of error, etc.
  3. Request for deletion
  4. Request for suspension of handling

② The rights under Article 4(1) may be exercised against the Company in writing, by phone, email, or messages in the Company’s website. The Company will take necessary measures without any delay.

5. Procedure and Method of Destruction of PersonalInformation

① The Company will destroy the relevant personal information without any delay where the personal information becomes unnecessary such as the expiration of period in possession of personal information, satisfaction of purposes of collection / usage, and closure of business.
② Where certain personal information needs to be continued to be preserved under other laws and regulations even though the period in possession of personal information for which you consented has expired or the purposes of handling of personal information for which you consented has been achieved, the Company will preserve the relevant personal information by transferring to a different database or in a different storage place.
③ The Company will destroy the personal information by the following methods.

  1. Procedure: the Company will select the personal information with a reason for destruction and destroy the personal information upon the approval of Company’s personal information manager.
  2. Method: paper copies (shredding or incineration) and electronic files (permanent deletion with a method in which restoration is impossible)

6. Measures for Protection of Personal Information

The Company has undertaken the following measures in order to protect the personal information.

① Training and minimization of number of employees handling personal information

The Company designates employees to handle personal information. The Company exercises its best efforts for the safe management of personal information by minimizing the number of personnel handling personal information and regular trainings for personal information protection.

② Establishment and implementation of internal management plan

The Company establishes and implements an internal management plan for the safe handling of personal information.

③ Encryption of personal information

Your personal information is stored and managed after encryption under the standards set forth in law. The Company is also using a separate security function such as encryption of file and transmitting data, etc.

④ Technological measures against hacking, etc.

The Company installed a security program with regular update and inspection, installed its system in an area for which external access is controlled, and inspects and blocks the system technologically and physically in order to prevent leakage and damage of personal information by hacking or computer virus, etc.

⑤ Restraint of access to personal information

The Company is taking necessary measures for the purpose of control of access to personal information by the means of conferment, amendment, and cancellation of the right of access to the database system that handles personal information and the Company is controlling unauthorized access from outside by the use of access control system.

⑥ Storage of access record and prevention of forgery / falsification

The record of access to the personal information handling system is stored and managed for at least 6 months pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations. The Company is ensuring that the access record is not forged, falsified, stolen, and lost.

7. Matters relating to the Automatic Collection Device of Personal Information

① The Company, in operating its website, operates Cookies that find and store members’ information when necessary. Cookies are very small text files sent by a server used in the operation of website to the relevant member’s browser. They are stored in the members’ device (PC, smartphone, and tablet PC, etc.) hard disk and expire at the closure or logout of web browser.
② Members can decide to refuse to permit the information collection by Cookies under the Company’s security policy. You have a right of choice in relation to the installation of Cookies. You can accept all Cookies, cause to send you a notification when Cookies are installed, or refuse all Cookies by accessing “Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced “. Provided, however, where you refuse to install Cookies, there may be inconveniences in the use of Service or difficulties in providing the Service.

8. Personal Information Manager

The Company designated the following personal information manager in order to be in overall charge of works relating to the handling of personal information and handle any complaints and remedies of the relevant holder of information in relation to the handling of personal information.

<Personal Information Manager>
Name: YunBae Kim
Title: Growth Hacker
Contact details: 070-7799-6233
Email address:

9. Amendment to the Personal Information Protection Policy

① The Company’s Personal Information Protection Policy may be amended pursuant to the amendments to Korean law and the Company’s internal policies.
② Where the Company amends the Personal Information Protection Policy, the Company will announce the details of amendment on the opening page of the Company’s website from 7 days prior to the date of implementation of amendment to the date immediately preceding the date of implementation.

Additional Clause

① This Personal Information Protection Policy shall be effective from February 4, 2014.

Additional Clause

① This Personal Information Protection Policy shall be effective from December 1, 2016.