Local Project: PlayBohol

To enjoy and give back to the sea

About PlayBohol and You

Where can you find the most beautiful place in the Philippines? Some people already know the answer, others are yet to find out – but all will agree that Bohol is a spot of paradise!

Bohol is a place to spend your vacation, relaxation and have fun at! With its remarkable scenic mountains that overlook the City of Tagbilaran, surrounded by the Bohol Sea and its local treasures Bohol is filled with adventures shared in the company of good friends. In Bohol you can find the perfect combination of scuba diving or snorkeling at the famous white sand beaches while being close to nature by camping, nature hiking and stargazing. All of these famous tourist attractions surely do something to offer – but on the expense of what and whom?

The places where my friends and me enjoy our daily life, where we find happiness and income, are places that are slowly degrading. Our coral reef, here in Bohol, are experiencing a degradation since some of the tourist visiting our beautiful area lack the awareness or do not care about the importance of the nature, both for the local society and the ecological system.

Since we are locals here in Bohol my friends and me cannot simply look at how the nature is being pushed around so we decided to take action and help Mother Nature by conservation.

We created our tour program, where we could combine by tourism for the local economy while preserving the natural system of the environment. Our program includes mountain climbing, camping and nature hiking in a very local, environmental friendly and authentic way. We vision our fellow tourist to see the ‘real Bohol’ and contribute to building a strong Bohol while staying here, instead of adding up to the negative impact.

For those who love to splurge, we also host programs like island hopping and snorkeling. We also encourage tourist to pick up trashed on the shore, sea or elsewhere while travelling – who wants to see cans, food wrappers or other trash float around you when swimming or laying on the beach?

Yet another program is developed to widen your circle of friends while trying the local way of living in Bohol. By cocking, washing clothes or clean the house – those simple day to day must-do’s – you would be surprise how close you get to people and how many things you can talk about and learn!

The money we make by running these programs are used to buy conservation tools for our project ‘Coral Propagation’. Stuff like goggles, snorkel, fins or basic kit for coral propagation is some amongst many tools that are required in our vision to make the sea-bed a vivid and flourish place! We hope also to own our dive shop and guesthouse in the future!

As we know, coral reefs are very, very importance since it is not only biologically rich and a source of beauty but they are also the foundation of many tropical ecosystems and provide livelihood, food, enjoyment and cultural significance for you, for me and millions of people around the world. So when we face the rapid degradation of our coral reefs here in Bohol, because of human activity like trampling, destructive fishing or anchoring, leading to physically destroyed reefs and leading to reef death – how can we be passive?

We stay at Bohol, we live here. But we also invite you to our journey of making Bohol a pearl of the sea in its true meaning. We restore the reefs by coral propagation and at the same time we welcome locals and tourists to understand the role of corals and its vital function in nature and the daily life, for today and tomorrow. We do not merely encourage sustainable behavior while traveling, we make it work and create positive and lasting impact – so that when you leave Bohol you will leave a heritage of human warmth and environmental upgrade!