Introduction to Local Project

playplanet is more then a online platform. playplanet supports, engages and partake in real, offline communities. Therefore it is of great importance for playplanet to work closely with our local partners and support their locally initiated projects.

playplanet builds a path towards sustainable tourism and believes that the mission consists of three crucial P’s

  • P for people
  • P for places
  • P for planet

People are you and me; travelers and hosts. By connecting, exchanging and sharing we can build friendship and mutual understanding. We care together!

Places are our homes, our communities and our space. We can share the wisdom and insights of our places and build our communities in a sustainable manner.

Planet is everything. Without a healthy planet there is neither sustainable places nor happy people.

playplanet embraces passionate people with a purpose to care for their places and the planet. playplanet promotes micro-entrepreneurialism and engages in developing skills, ideas and projects lead by local individuals and groups. By being a local host our partners can have additional incomes and through playplanet’s mentoring and support we develop the tours to maximise each traveler’s experience!

All our local projects hold a social, economical and ecological dimension! Sustainable tourism must be localized and care for the local context, economical impact and distribution and treat the nature nicely. The local partners share the same values and invite travelers to join and work towards the mission that people, places and planet are all of value for each one of us!