How it works

Be an explorer!

Find and meet like-minded people. Discover authentic activities provided by local hosts. Local freinds would be the best guide for you to learn and do on your trip.

Book & Join

Book best activities for you. You will get confirmation from local hosts. You will experience where you go in a unique way according to who you are with.


Explore the awesome planet with variety things to do with awesome people. And you will play social impact to improve local community with a local host together on your journey!

Be a host!

Post your own authentic experiences, local knowledge and local wisdom with your passion. Where you live is your playground and you will play with friends around the world.

Share & Promote

Invite friends, organize it at a time that works best for you and get paid for it. Whenever you share, you will create social and economic value with micro-entrepreneurship.


Host people introducing what you value in your communities and play social impact. Daily life becomes a fun travel and improve the way of traveling more care about where we live.