Get your indie music in Hongdae

Listen to the current status of Korean indie scenes and explore some of the great indie music club that's hidden.
  • Price 25,000
  • Duration 6 hours
  • Group of 5-15 people
  • Listen to music experts about the Korean indie music scene 
  • Explore the hiding music spaces and music around Hongdae
  • Enjoy a joyful meal in local musician's favorite restaurant


01. A brief introduction to Korean indie music scene with youtube 

We listen to the story of Korea's indie music, which has evolved around the neighborhood of Hongdae. Host J has been working as a marketer in a typical indie music label in Seoul. We are going to hear about the new geography of the local music in Seoul. You will see the performances of three or four rising indie music stars.



02. Find hidden music in Hongdae!


We will enjoy two genres of music. First, we will go to a representative club of singer-songwriter line. Recently, the club was moved from the Hongdae commercial district to the rooftop of a building near Mangwon traditional market. But the distinctive warm sound is still the best. Here, we will enjoy the performances of musicians who represent Korean folk music. Then we will move to the representative local club of Korean rock music. you will see the performances of two or three rising rock stars. 



03.  Eat at a musician's favorite restaurant


In Hongdae, there are some late night restaurants where musicians love. Delicious and inexpensive restaurants that blow up hunger after a late show. We will stop at one place to eat some delicious 'Bulgogi'.


[{"day_number": 1, "time_to": "15:30", "time_from": "15:00", "description": "Studio entry\r\n"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "16:10", "time_from": "15:30", "description": "Introduce Hongdae indie music scene"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "16:30", "time_from": "16:10", "description": "Entry to the first performance hall 'veloso'"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "18:30", "time_from": "16:30", "description": "Watch a performance"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "19:00", "time_from": "18:30", "description": "Move to second music place"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "21:00", "time_from": "19:00", "description": "Watch a performance"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "22:00", "time_from": "21:00", "description": "Late dinner 'Bulgogi'"}]


Number of People Price per Person
1 ₩ 25,000
2 - 9 ₩ 21,000


English, Chinese


A brief introduction, Club Entrance, Late dinner, 1free drink, 1 taxi transfer, English and Chinese available guide


ID card

Meeting point

About the host, "Jae Won Choi"

I worked on making local music label in Seoul. When I was working, I knew a lot of local places such as Hongdae, Hapjeong, and Mangwon. Then I like to inform foreign friends about this information. I am now actively working as a travel writer with a travel book to Seoul.

Traveller's reviews

1 review
    I've been a fan of Korean indie bands for a few years now so this experience was a great opportunity to get to know places such as Cafe Veloso or Club FF where I'm sure I'll enjoy a lot of gigs as long as I stay in Seoul. In short, we could enjoy the artistic Seoul that's not shown on TV's.
    Madrid, Spain