Walking to the Seoul's oldest neighbourhood, Seochon Fair Travel

Walk to Seochon village, meet locals, and discover real local stories
  • Price 30,000
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Group of 20 people
  • Explore Seochon, one of the oldest villages in Seoul 
  • Experience the real local culture and traditional old market 
  • Feel the vibe of 80's and throw back memories in Seochon 

Seochon, one of the oldest villages in Seoul

When people visit Seochon for the first time, they are surprised saying that they didn’t expect such an old village still exists in the center of Seoul. Traditional houses and old streets have been preserved as developing this area has been restricted due to its location close to Cheongwadae, the Korean presidential residence. Surrounded by Gyeongbokgung Palace and Mt. Inwangsan, Seochon keeps the past until today and reminds people of their memories. Moreover, a number of cultural, political and historical events are in process because of its geographical characteristics. Seochon is one of the unique place to discover in Korea. 


Seochon Fair Trip, time for experiencing and preserving the village

To protect the village, I think it needs to make a close relationship with old stores and residents, love this area more, use local stores and pay continuous attention. Even though the fair trip (to Seochon) is not well known to many people yet, this trip will guide you to visit and experience exciting and lovely places which you can only enjoy in Seochon. Except for minimal guidance fee, most of the payment on tour will be used to help local stores keep their business and enhance their sustainability by purchasing their products and services directly.


The story of the host, Jaewoo Seol

The host of Seouchon village tour, Jaewoo Seol was born and raised in Seochon for more than thirty years. As watching his town has become one of the hot places in Seoul and lost its original values, he decided to let people know about hidden but real aspects of Seochon throughout his blog called ‘Hyojadong.com’ and wrote a guide book designed for introducing his village, ‘Toward Seochon’ in 2012. 


If you excited to see more close the Seochon,  join me and explore! 


Number of People Price per Person
1 - 20 ₩ 30,000


한국어, 영어


- Guide Seochon
- Local newsletter


- Transportation fee


- Comfortable clothes and shoes

Meeting point

About the host, "Seol Jaewoo"

서촌에서 나고 자라 30년 넘게 살고 있는 토박이 청년이다. 자신이 사는 동네가 유명해지면서 점점 변해가는 것이 안타까워 2009년부터 인터넷 블로그 ‘효자동닷컴’을 통해 서촌 지역의 숨은 이야기를 알리고 기록하기 시작했고, 2012년엔 동네안내서 ‘서촌방향’ 이라는 책을 썼다. 현재는 서촌의 마지막 청소년 오락실인 ‘용오락실’을 인수해서동네문화창작공간인 ‘옥인상점’을 운영하고 있으며, 지역소식지 서촌라이프 발행, 서촌골목답사 등의 동네문화와 예술에 관한 지역스토리텔링 강연과 함께 활발한 프로그램으로 지역을 살리는 활동을 하고 있다. 그저 좋아서 시작한 일이 2012년 서울시가 뽑은 ‘국내 이색직업 50개’, ‘미래굿잡(good jog) 100개’에 선정되기도 했다. 세상이 아닌 동네에서, 회사가 아닌 골목에서 꿈을 찾은 그는 서촌에서 하루하루 감사할 일이 많아져서 행복한 사람이다.

Traveller's reviews

2 reviews
    This trip has provided me with the most unique experience in Korea. I could perhaps even say its the truest Korean experience I've had so far. The host, "Jay", took us through the alleyways of older Seoul, away from the tall buildings and suffocating streets of present-day Seoul. This trip gave me the opportunity to experience the traditional and historic part of Seoul, far from all the hype of Psy's "Gangnam-style" and K-pop stars.
    JD Kim
    Seoul, South Korea
    I've been living in Seoul over 30 years as well, but it was my first time to walk around Seochon village like this. It was such an unique experience. I think the reason why it was great was that I could see the places through the eye of Jaewoo, the host. He took me to small alleys between houses and told the stories~ I really enjoyed the trip! Thanks to Jaewoo. :)
    Sun Mi Seo
    Seoul, South Korea