Be a mermaid! Cebu mermaid island hopping tour

Swimming as mermaid is one of the most exciting things you’ll do while in Cebu even if it's fake.
  • Price 65,000
  • Duration 7 hours
  • Group of 4-10 people
  • Enjoy snorkeling
  • Be a mermaid
  • Photographer and life guard make you feel beatuiful and safe 

Being human is boring! Let's Be a Mermaid !

CEBU Mermaid hopping Tour will bring you on a unique experience like no other tours. Are you mermaid enough? here's the hidden treasure island. Sulpa island! you will be perfect mermaid in white beach. Swimming as mermaid is one of the most exciting things you’ll do while in Cebu even if it's fake. Hurry! Dont' be shy. you don't need to. I know you.



How about Mermaid suit's size? Mermaid suit is flexible. You don't need diet. Can I choose color? Yes we have Blue, Green, Purple, Emerald and Yellow Can my boyfriend join? Yes boys can wear mermaid suits too! Do I have to wear a suit if I join? No! Humans can join too and hang out and snorkle. How can I pee? Good question! Just do it, and don't tell us Do mermaids bite? Yes. They bite. Just like you. Check this link



Are you mermaid enough ? here's simple guide for mermaiding! easy !

1. Near shore, put your feet in the mono fin. 2. Pull the suit up all the way to the belly. Is it too tight? Do some diet! 3. Yay! almost! Wiggle a little bit, check if it feels ok. 4. Swim!


[{"day_number": 1, "time_to": "10:00", "time_from": "09:00", "description": "Hotel pick-up, heading mermaid hopping dock \r\n[Mermaiding, chilling ] and Photoshoot at Sulpa island white beach\r\n"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "12:00", "time_from": "11:00", "description": "Facebooking, instagramming time\r\n[Nalusuan Snokling and Relaxing]"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "15:00", "time_from": "13:00", "description": "[Lunch] fresh Seafood BBQ (depend on date)\r\n[Hilutungan] or [Kon-tiki snorkling point] * depending on weather and waves and your girlfriend's mood \r\n"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "17:00", "time_from": "16:30", "description": "Hotel drop (*expected time)"}]


Number of People Price per Person
4 - 10 ₩ 65,000


한국어 / 영어 / 인어어(人魚語)


- 1 Day Private Tour (7 hours Duration)
- Mermaid swimming Instructor
- Pick up and drop off in any hotel, resort and residences in Mactan island
- Fresh sea food BBQ Lunch :Lunch with one round of drinks (Soft drinks or bottled mineral water)
- Boat ride and Snorkling gear. (life vest, mermaid suit) Cool down on the boat with mermaid suit


- Prince (Bring your own prince)


- Swim suits

Meeting point

About the host, "waveme marco"

Hello! I’m Marco! call me ‘마르코’. 안녕하세요. 저는 필리핀 오르목 레이떼(Ormoc Leyte)에서 태어나 자랐고 지금은 플레이플래닛의 파트너 세부 자유여행 사이트인 웨이브미에서 메인가이드로 일하고 있습니다. 한국어는 배우고 있지만 아직은 어려워요. 하지만 걱정마세요. 영어로 가이드하지만 예약진행은 캡틴이 도와준답니다. 저와함께 어릴적 꿈이었던 인어가 되어보기로 해요. 필리핀, 세부의 푸른 바다를 가르고 비밀의 섬 술파 아일랜드로 떠나는 인어 호핑투어! yay! (*왕자님을 만나도 우리 사랑에 빠지지 않기로 해요. 우리들의 인어이야기는 해피엔딩!)

Traveller's reviews

6 reviews
    Being a mermaid is such an extraordinary experience rather than just any other hoping tour. Nevertheless, the most nice thing on my travel was the LOCAL HOST! Marco was a really nice friend guiding me beautiful blue coloured underwater and local food with such a warm hospitality!!! I definitely recommend this experience hosted by MARCO! :D
    Sun Mi Seo
    Seoul, South Korea
    난생 처음 경험해본 인어체험! 색다른 체험의 즐거움과 플플스텝들과 흥이 넘치는 Marco덕분에 더더욱 재미낫던 이번 여행. 또 이런 추억을 만들수 잇을까 할만큼 너무나 즐거웟던 시간이엿어요👏 스노쿨링또한 친절하신 현지 스텝분들 덕분에 물을 무서워햇던 제가 물과 친해질수 잇는 정말 소중한 시간들이엿어요💕 또한번 가고싶어요!!
    Jihye Moon
    I never forget the moment with wearing mermaid suite. He is super attractive guy and so kind of us. I really meet him again. I'm missing him already. Thanks to Marco, I had an amzaing time in Cebu. Thank you Marco :)
    YeJi Hwang
    Seoul, South Korea
    스페셜한경험 어디에서도 하지못할 경험 오로지 플플에서만 할수있는 인어되보어기^^ 정말 특별했다 이날 함께한 스노쿨링도 식사도 좋았지만 무엇보다 현지가이드인 마르코때문에 더 유쾌했다 너무나많은사람의 이목이집중되어 조금은 부끄러웠지만;;;; 사진으로남은 모습은 만족 이상 이었다♥ Waveme쪽 스텝들 역시 젠틀하고 개구지고 다정했다^^ 아 인어사진요청해야하는뎁 무튼, 세부에서 인어가 되어보길~
    Sunghee Shin
    흔치않은 경험으로 평생 기억에 남을 것 같고 좋은 사람들 그리고 좋은 호스트 Marco와 함께해서 배로 즐거웠어요!! 첨엔 어색해하다가 다들 과감해지는 포즈로 인어화 되는 ㅎㅎ잊지못할 추억이 될 것 같아요 Marco한테 열심히 배웠던 !! 앙푸소꼬 letsplayplanet♡
    Seoul, South Korea
    Being a mermaid was absolutely unique experience even though I couldn't swim with the tail(?) under the sea. Most of all, Marco was a wonderful host. He made me and my friends laugh all the time during the his tour and really took good care of us. Also, he took nice photos of me on a boat that would be my profile photo and became a good model for me as well. Marco, it was such an awesome experience! :D I won't forget it. Miss you~
    Sun Mi Seo
    Seoul, South Korea