[K-Drama] Goblin in Incheon

Enjoy Goblin drama fully with listening OST, visiting shooting places, solving missions

Traveller's reviews

    The trip was well planned and thorough. I enjoyed watching the scripts given to us that we could act out (even though I was too shy), and the video clips prior to each scene we visited. Exploring some of the local areas outside of Goblin show was also a nice break to appreciate South Korea culture and better understand it. And the lunch was a nice treat. I highly recommend this trip!
    Caitlin Russell
    Seoul, South Korea
    I thought YB Kim was friendly and took interest in his guests. I would have preferred more 줠영지 locations and less free time. I was curious about the bridge or the 도께비짐 why that wasn't shown (maybe too far or not possible). He took a video of us but that wasn't emailed to me yet. I enjoyed the food provided by the company. The videos were helpful which gave context from the show and that we were a part of it.
    Nate Richey
    I had a great time. We started at Hanmi bookstore and then checked out a local art collective. It was a really interesting look at the neighborhoods history and current art. Then we explored the art platform, China Town and Jayu Park. Loved all of it!! Thanks again.
    Arielle Pukanecz