[K-Drama] Goblin in Incheon

Enjoy Goblin drama fully with listening OST, visiting shooting places, solving missions
  • Price 30,000
  • Duration 7 hours
  • Group of 5-15 people
  • Take an awesome picture at various Goblin's shooting places 
  • Enjoy Goblin OST in the car while we head to Incheon
  • Become Gongyu and Go-eun by playing the drama script


Take an awesome picture to become Gong yu and Kim go-eun

I will take you to several shooting places like Hanmi Bookstore (한미서점), Jayu Park(자유공원), Incheon Art Platform(인천아트플랫폼) which are appeared in Goblin's episode. Whenever we visit each place, we can actually see the place in the drama and find the traces of actors.


Enjoy OST to be immersed in Goblin

What's your favorite song among Goblin OST? Stay with me? My eyes? Hush? I will be DJ for you and turn on those songs as you want. When we arrived at Incheon, you would already be the heroine of Goblin.


Become Gongyu and Go-eun by participating small missions

It might be boring to just take a picture and go around shooting places. There are small missions at each goblin spot. After solving all the missions, you will become the heroines of Goblin! Do you wonder what kind of missions it is? Join it!


[{"day_number": 1, "time_to": "11:00", "time_from": "09:30", "description": "Move to Hanmi Bookstore"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "12:00", "time_from": "11:00", "description": "Explore Hanmi Bookstore and Baedari Secondhand Bookstore Alley"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "13:30", "time_from": "12:00", "description": "Move to Sinpo Market and Have a lunch"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "14:30", "time_from": "13:30", "description": "Move to Incheon Art Platform"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "15:30", "time_from": "14:30", "description": "Move to Jayu Park"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "16:30", "time_from": "15:30", "description": "Come back to Seoul"}]


Number of People Price per Person
5 - 15 ₩ 30,000


English, Korean


- Transportation (Seoul - Incheon - Seoul)
- Lunch
- Various small missions
- DJ Time with Goblin OST


- Beverage
- Personal Expense


- Camera


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About the host, "playplanet"

[English] Playplanet connects travelers who are looking for authentic local experiences and locals who can provide it and encourage to make a better impact by traveling in a better sustainable way. We believe that travel has the power to change one's life and the world by connecting people. Travel experience inspires people and these inspiration becomes seeds for personal innovation changing one's mind and behavior and leads social change to make the world better. So, Come and make your local friends at Playplanet. Let's Play Planet ! [한국어] 플레이플래닛은 어떻게하면 누구나 모두가 재미있고 쉽게 여행을 통해 사회혁신을 실현할 수 있을까를 고민합니다.현지인이 호스트가 되어 지역적 경험과 열정을 나누고 여행자는 현지인 친구와 함께 여행하며 살아있는 경험을 갖는,새로운 사회경제적 가치를 만드는 새로운 방식의 여행을 제안합니다. 우리는 아시아의 청년, 여행가, 예술가, 사회적기업가, 지역활동가 등 다양한 분야의 사람들을 연결하고,온라인을 넘어 오프라인으로 여행을 통한 '만남'을 이끌어냅니다.플레이플래닛은 사람과 사람이 만나고 서로가 감동을 나누는 작은 만남이 모여 변화를 이끈다고 생각합니다.여행길 위에서 좋은 사람들과 신나는 만남을 만드는 재미난 상상, 함께 하실래요?

Traveller's reviews

3 reviews
    The trip was well planned and thorough. I enjoyed watching the scripts given to us that we could act out (even though I was too shy), and the video clips prior to each scene we visited. Exploring some of the local areas outside of Goblin show was also a nice break to appreciate South Korea culture and better understand it. And the lunch was a nice treat. I highly recommend this trip!
    Caitlin Russell
    Seoul, South Korea
    I thought YB Kim was friendly and took interest in his guests. I would have preferred more 줠영지 locations and less free time. I was curious about the bridge or the 도께비짐 why that wasn't shown (maybe too far or not possible). He took a video of us but that wasn't emailed to me yet. I enjoyed the food provided by the company. The videos were helpful which gave context from the show and that we were a part of it.
    Nate Richey
    I had a great time. We started at Hanmi bookstore and then checked out a local art collective. It was a really interesting look at the neighborhoods history and current art. Then we explored the art platform, China Town and Jayu Park. Loved all of it!! Thanks again.
    Arielle Pukanecz