Yeonnam-dong walking tour where is one fo the hottest area in Seoul

Walk like a local looking for hidden gers of Yeonnam-dong, one of the most trendy artistic places in Seoul
  • Price 30,000
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Group of 1-11 people
  • See the hidden places of Yeonnam-dong that only the residents of the neighbourhood can know.
  • Find out only the places that have been verified among the full Yeonnam-dong restaurants.
  • Visit restaurant which is running by indie band members.

Yeonnam-dong is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Seoul. I will introduce every corner of the town to the guests participating in the tour. I hope that interest in Yeonnam-dong leads to a good change in the neighborhood. From the charm of Yeonnam-dong to the deep stories of residents! 


Old shop in the neighborhood I will tell you stories of old shops in Yeonnam-dong that are keeping steady in the changing Yeonnam-dong. I'll tell you stories of charming Korean restaurants.


Yeonnam-dong alley There is a lot of persimmon in Yeonnam-dong. Looking at how much persimmon leaves on persimmon trees, I walk along the original quiet alleys of the residential area of Yeonnam-dong, where commercial areas do not enter.


Yeonnam-dong restaurant It is hard to know where the real delicious place is in the information of the Yeonnam-dong restaurant full of blog. I will let you know the food that the residents of Yeonnam-dong eat directly and the food that is commonly recognized by the residents.


Yeonnam-dong studio The studios that have avoided the busy atmosphere of Hongdae are all over the Yeonnam area. From the place where couples can make their own bracelets, to the places where they can only work with handmade products and sell them.


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Number of People Price per Person
1 - 11 ₩ 30,000




- Behind story of Yeonnam-dong
- Local snacks

Meeting point

About the host, "Hyeonjeong Lee"

현지인의 삶을 공유하는 여행, 마인드트립을 운영하고 있습니다. 망원동과 연남동에 10년간 살면서 동네의 이야기와 풍경들을 모으고 있습니다. 여러분께 그 이야기를 애정을 담아 전해드리고 싶습니다. 오래된 동네 서촌의 동네잡지인 서촌라이프에서 2년간 객원기자를 하며 서촌을 살아가는 사람들의 진짜 모습을 만났습니다. 북촌과 서촌의 이야기를 여러분들과 나누고 싶습니다. 여행과 명상은 일상에 지친 마음을 달래준다는 점에서 비슷한 점이 많습니다. 여행 중에 명상을 시작했고 꾸준히 하다보니 지도자 과정도 밟았습니다. 여행 속 명상을 통해 마음의 근육을 단련하는데 도움을 드리고자 합니다.

Traveller's reviews

11 reviews
    Hyeonjeong Lee provided an intimate tour of a community she has lived in for years. It was particularly fun as the cherry trees were in full bloom during our tour.
    Brian Dempsey
    California, USA
    I love to see the design of the building and thank you to our pretty host 😁
    Wan Nur Aini
    View is good and it a goid memory for me
    Zhi Ling
    Thanks to the host bcs gives us a lot of information and i like the way her explained everything! I bought chocolates that's super delicious and also im addicted to the hot chocolate😋 i want moreeee😍
    Nisya Azmi
    It's a very great tour because got to see many cafe and shops and buy something unique things. And the host also very kind. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    Nurul Adila
    Yeong nam dong very interesting place hv plenty Unique shop and building Hyeong jeong, local host who are very friendly person. Gv us clear explaination for every place Really thanks for yr guide and care...
    Sophia XT