Rooftop Chuseok cooking party with Korean mother

Make Songpyeon with Korean mom on the most beautiful rooftop in locals' neighborhood
  • Price 15,000
  • Duration 4 hours
  • Group of 10-30 people
  • Enjoy Chuseok on the rooftop with Autumn mountain in the background

  • Team up and learn how to make Songpyeon from a Korean mother

  • Enjoy tasty dinner with open-minded people and music


Happy Chuseok with Local mom

Chuseok(추석) is the biggest holidays in Korea. Families gather together to celebrate this holiday with cooking and talking. For international friends, There is no place to go, nothing to do during the holiday :( Why don't we celebrate our Chuseok with Korean mother host and new friends?


Team up and make Songpyeon(송편) the most beautiful

Songpeyon is a rice cake representing Chuseok. The taste is different depending on what ingredients you put in. All of the participants will team up and our host will teach you how to make Songpyeon. When you get used to making it, we start team contest to pick the most beautiful shapge of Songpyeon.


Enjoy tasty dinner on the rooftop with Autumn mountain view

Where do you go often in Seoul? Hongdae or Itaewon? There is a local neighborhood where Koreans come to visit Bukhansan Mountain(북한산). At our rooftop, you can see beautiful mountains of autumn and the neighborhood where locals are gathering. After finishing the contest, we will have a tasty dinner on the rooftop.


** If it rains, the event may be delayed. We will contact you the day before.


[{"day_number": 1, "time_to": "17:20", "time_from": "17:00", "description": "Meet at Yeonsinnae station and move to the event venue"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "18:20", "time_from": "17:20", "description": "Songpyeon Cooking Class with Korean mother"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "19:00", "time_from": "18:20", "description": "Chuseok Team Quiz Game & Best Songpyeon Contest"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "20:50", "time_from": "19:00", "description": "Romantic Rooftop Dining"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "21:00", "time_from": "20:50", "description": "Wish your luck below the Fullmoon and Good bye"}]


Number of People Price per Person
1 ₩ 15,000
2 - 9 ₩ 12,000


English, Korean


- Songpyeon cooking class
- Fun team activities
- Dinner and beverage


- Transportation to the meeting place


- Warm heart to meet Korean mom and new friends
- Camera to take autumn mountain and Songpyeon

Meeting point

About the host, "Seoyeon"

Hi ! ^^ My name is Seoyeon. I'm a reading counsellor and I am A MOTHER. I invite you to my house and my neighborhood. I'd like to introduce Korean culture and real local life. I do not have much experience traveling abroad but I'm curious about other culture and interested in meeting foreign friends and learn other culture and introduce Korean culture as well. Before, i used to invite some foreign students and cook Korean food at my place. And I have many good memories with the people that I'd' met that time. As a local host, I'd like to meet more people again and become a Korean mother to foreign friends who visit Korea. : )

Traveller's reviews

5 reviews
    한국인이 저도 만들기 힘들었던 송편은, 외국인 친구들이 어찌나 잘만들어 내던지요 ㅎ 송편을 만들고 식사하는 자리도 좋았지만, 우리의 문화를 다른 나라 친구들에게 알려주는 시간이라 개인적으로 인상깊은 시간이 었습니다.
    Eugene Noh
    South Korea
    I had a wonderful night chatting with new and old friends and making Korean food. It was educational and also just a lot of fun! So thrilled with the food and environment. Loved the rooftop view!!
    Arielle Pukanecz
    It was so nice to be able to share this amazing experience with a real Korean mom. It was my first time making Chuseok food. It was really fun and the hostess was so wonderful and kind! I would definitely recommend giving this experience a try!!
    Belinda S
    Spending Lunar New Year with a Korean family was a very nice experience.
    Awesome! It was my first experience celebrate Lunar New Year in Korea. Seoyeon was really a good host and mom, she really welcoming us. We went to the market to buy the ingredient, we tried to made the Korean dumpling (만두),we tried the traditional game (윷놀이) and the most important thing is, we ate lot of Korean food. Everything was perfect for Lunar New Year Celebration! It was a good experience with local.
    Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia