Enjoy Korean Halal street food & traditional Market

Experience the taste of halal street food in Seoul. Let's eat the street food and explore the real Korean traditional Market like no other.
  • Price 35,000
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Group of 2-10 people
  • Taste the Halal famous street food in Korea
  • Explore Korean local market with Muslim local host

Traveling to Korean soon? Wanted to try Korean street food but worry if it's halal or not? Even Korea, the country with minority Muslim but do not be surprise that you still can enjoy Korean food without worry much. As a muslim , I know well about Korean street food. Forget the urban shopping street or shopping mall, let's discover the real life of Korean and stroll around Traditional Market, where you could see many kind of foods and local ingredient. 


What will you Experience 

I will bring you to one of the famous traditional local Market in Mangwon. Mangwon Market has some good eats, the product always fresh and you can’t beat the low prices anywhere else, this place not really famous among tourist compare to other market like (Gwangjang or Namdaemun) but well known among Korean. We will stroll around this Market that not only focus for street food stall but there's also other things such as wet market, restaurant and clothes shop. 


What will we eat 

The vendors offers many kind of street food and we could choose what we can eat. I will bring you to taste famous Korean street food like Tteobokki(떡볶이). The spicy rice cake the popular Korean food made from soft rice cake and we could enjoy the Gimbap also eat the fish cake (오뎅). After the savory foods, we will try the sweet snacks such as Hotteok (호떡)  and other variety Korean pastry. Not only food, I will bring you to taste Korean rice drink  (Sikhye 식혜) Sikhye is a traditional sweet Korean rice beverage. Sikhye contains grains of cooked rice and in some cases pine nuts then basically you will taste savory food, dessert and drinks together! Sound great right?! 


** For children under 12 years old, we offer a discounted price (25,000 won  = 1 person)


Number of People Price per Person
2 - 10 ₩ 35,000




- Korean street food
- Dessert


- Transportation to the venue

Meeting point

About the host, "아실라.Silla"

A wanderer in this Sonata land~^^ Have been living here for about 5years now Been explore around Europe, most part of korea ㅎㅎ been guiding ppl around seoul and some other parts of korea~ would love to make new friends, guiding you around korea~😘 and make sure your stay in korea will be full with the best part of korea~^^ Lets have fun together!! Cherish the moment we will make=)

Traveller's reviews

14 reviews
    I had a great time with my host Silla... Since i enjoy Korean street food, i manage to try it with no worries of being halal or not. I would recommand this 2hrs experience to those that love Korean street food. Thank you...Silla ♥
    Shariffah Danggor
    Love the taste of Korea halal food especially the pancakes and odeng. Kamsahapnida play planet 😁
    Wan Nur Aini
    The food is very delicious! first time ate, and we still looking for it untill today!! 😋😋😋
    Bebyana Jamil
    Get the chance taste great and delicious steeet food. Hope can get to taste it again.
    Richard G.
    This activity is awesome guys! I can taste the halal korean food and desserts. Unfortunately i don't have a picture because i'm busy with eating all the korean delicious street food!!! This activity is highly recommended ❤❤❤❤
    nurhanis Hamid
    Too many food for me but i too full canno eat anymore..but all taste is good and delicious especially the red bean..
    Zhi Ling