Experience Magnificent Bali on a Bicycle

Enjoy delightful breeze with riding a bike. Learn more about mystic Balinese culture, how the Balinese live, pray and celebrate life.
  • Price $ 45
  • Duration 7 hours
  • Group of 1-16 people
  • Discover the real Bali like no other with riding a bike
  • Experience a beautiful downhill ride between rice paddies and local villages
  • Meet local rice farmers and visit a coffee plantation to taste the best Bali’s coffee.

Discover the real Bali

This one-day eco and educational tour will allow you to learn more about our mystic Balinese culture. You will learn how the Balinese live, pray, harvest their rice and celebrate life. 


Experience a beautiful downhill ride between rice paddies and local villages. Enjoy the Indonesian panorama, the countryside of Ubud. Embrace daily life and enjoy the stunning volcano view! We will introduce you to local rice farmers and take you to a coffee plantation to taste some of the best Bali’s coffee.


Meet the local students, Do good things for the community

If you are interested we would be happy to take and show you a local school and also a not-for-profit clinic where you can find out about volunteer opportunities. This is only if you are interested and there is no additional cost.


We offer volunteer opportunities at our local school. You must be a native English speaker (to teach English) and able to commit to 3 months+. For maths, information technology, and arts you do not have to be a native English speaker.


Number of People Price per Person
1 - 16 $ 45




- Pick-up and drop-off to your hotel
- Bicycle and Helmet
- Local English-speaking guide
- Entry to Mt. Batur Volcano
- Water


- Meals (Not included in the cost, it costs around $7 to $10)


- Comfortable clothes and walking shoes
- Hat and Sunscreen
- Camera

Meeting point

About the host, "Komang"

UbudCycling.Bike is on a mission to create a better world for future generations. By offering financial support to local youth who can operate their businesses and invest to start up and build a strong foundation you are empowering their local economy and providing tools they require to grow and thrive! In Bali, there are as many as 162,051 people living in poverty and this figure has been on the increase. In the villages, the rate at which the number of poor is rising is twice as much as that of Bali’s urban areas. In the Balinese countryside, it is estimated that more than 77,400 people are living in poverty. Good news in the fight for education and youth empowerment in developing countries. More people are looking for a purpose in their life and large organisations are focusing on purpose economy as stated by Aaron Hurst in his new book “Purpose Economy” published this year. Joanna a marketing expert and doctoral student is living in Sydney and has access to all digital resources and skills to build a better future. Joanna visited Indonesia in January 2014 and quickly observed that not everyone has the same privilege and access or funds to education. Her mission was to empower at first ONE person who later can create a RIPPLE EFFECT and empower the next one. Komang is a young Balinese local man with a BIG DREAM and incredible energy and ambition! The moment he was offered to create his own cycling business with Joanna’s support he quickly decided he would like to take all his cycling tourists after their tour to his local primary school located in a village he grew up and also studied. Since his father is working at the school Komang organised English program placements and volunteer opportunities for anyone wanting to stay longer in Bali and contribute by offering their English skills/lessons to 150 kids!

Traveller's reviews

3 reviews
    Komang is awesome host. He loves his city and knows about Bali culture a lot. IT IS SO FUN! I strongly recommend him. I worried about my body condition to join this bicycle tour. While I am riding the bicycle, I can not feel any worrying and fear. Only I can breathe the fresh air and see the green rice fields. Komang has several routes for the cycling. And do not miss to see the real balinese life. When I come back to Bali, I would like to join this tour and meet Komang.
    Hyekyung Hwang
    [what a Tour de Bali] While you are riding, you could feel the breeze coming from the Palm trees and the very famous "terraced rice fields" in Bali. Also, whenever you come across kids from villages you pass by, they say hello with big and welcoming smile, which you find it hard to forget. Last but not least, the local host, Komang, one of the best guides I have ever met, is one of the best parts of the tour. Thank you Playplanet for the tour. I will join you again!
    Yoo Tae Kyo
    South Korea
    It's a first time to meet Komang but seems like enjoying a time with my old buddy. The story about his family and village is quite interesting. During riding a bike, he devotedly cares about travelers not to get hurt. If you visit Ubud, I definitely recommned this activity as a day tour!!
    Seoul, South Korea