Popular Baked Bricks of San-He Tile kiln in Kaohsiung

Let's go to the century-long tile kiln to have fun with bricks! Feeling like travelling back in time, tourists make brick souvenirs by themselves and enjoy the ancient kiln style
  • Price $ 4
  • Duration 1 hour
  • Group of 5-20 people


Brick for the Kaohsiung County, a very important place early industries

San-He Tile Kiln, founded under Japanese colonial rule, now becomes a local museum. It preserves a third-class historic site, kiln techniques and an old kiln hut. The hut is reconstructed into a brick specialty store including artworks and DIY section. It has become a favorite place for adults and children to visit on weekends.

Popular Baked Bricks of San-He Tile kiln in Kaohsiung Tour:

You could join our 40 mins tour. We will show you around the old tile kiln. Giving you the concept of brick history and brickmaking. You could enjoy the ancient kiln style and the beautiful brick community here.

Content: Follow the route of the old kiln factory to introduce the history of the kiln, traditional production of tiles and bricks, traditional tiles and bricks for buildings, the century-long tile kiln and the cultural and creative development of bricks and tiles.

Let's go to the century-long tile kiln to have fun with bricks!

ps: if you are only 2 people to visit, then the price woupld be 9 usd/per person.

Additonal Charge

if you are interested, you could join our optional DIY activity for fun.

Brick Car: You could use brick to assemble a movable car.

40 mins (4 USD)

Brick coaster: you could try brick engraving into a brick coaster

60-90 mins (5 USD)

Please check out our website for more DIY activites.





Number of People Price per Person
5 - 20 $ 4








You could check out our website in advance to see if you want to join our DIY activites.

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About the host, "San-He Tile Kiln"

Located in the Dashu, Kaohsiung, San-He Tile Kiln played a significant role in the building industry back in the days. It started in 1918, during the Japanese colonial period. When modern technology advance as time passes, the usage of the traditional tiles in architectural constructions abruptly decreases. Especially during the 60’s, the industry almost come to an end when factories closed down one by one, when San-He and Zhuzailiao were the only ones left standing. In the year 2011, we decided to set up a cultural creative team in promoting the traditional craftsmanship. Combining with the concept of modern society art, ideas, way of living, new pieces of artwork were created with the same old methods like coasters, plates, card holders, lamps and even action figures. It open many paths for the almost lost art, now our gruop is trying to combine leisure, industry, culture and education to brighten and pass down the torch.

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