Tasty Bohol

Romantic dinner with flower salad and organic local cuisine on the cliff
  • Price $ 32
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Group of 15 people
  • Taste street food
  • Explore local market
  • Meet local vendors
  • Introduce local night life


The market is the best place to see the local life. We can visit the market by morning or at night and meet people and taste local foods if you like, you can also buy souvenir for your friends and family back home or for yourself and buying local products here will help the local community. I will let you experience also the local night life here in Bohol. Are you a fond of disco bar? We have also disco bar here in the City like the Atmosphere disco bar and Lazer disco bar. Experience nightlife with friends and meet young local who loves to disco. We can visit this place in Friday and Saturday only. You can ride the local transportation here and roam around the city.


Number of People Price per Person
1 - 15 $ 32


English, Visaya


Sunblock, hat, camera.

Meeting point

About the host, "Hanz Pao"

I am Hazien, my friends call me hanz or pao. I was born and live in Bohol, Philippines. I studied Computer Programming. I go to the gym if I have a free time, sometimes I hang-out with my friends in the net shop where we use to play computer games and sometimes we go for a snorkeling with my friends. I also like camping and trekking. I like to explore and I love adventure. I love to travel. There are still many places in my hometown that I like to go to and not just my own hometown but places all over Philippines that I like to explore. I also want to go to other places outside Philippines, like I want to go diving in the Great Barrier Reef, or maybe camp in the Amazon Jungle, or experience local way of living in other countries. My interest for now is I really wanted to have a good job so I can help my mom for our daily needs. About Play Planet, first I would like to introduce why Play Planet was created and the purpose of it on how travelers should or must experience a unique trip or travel and help conserve our mother nature. The things I can do for the travelers is to have them experience the beauty of the environment by visiting the deferent scenic or places which captive their interest and I want to share to them my experience and have them try as a local here in our place.

Traveller's reviews

1 review
    보홀을 떠나기 전날 비팜에서 저녁식사를 했었다. 사랑하는 사람과 여행의 마지막을 보내기에 아주 좋은 곳이었다. 해안가가 보이는 언덕에 300평은 되어 보이는 식당이었던 것 같다. 거기 가 보니 여기는 숙소가 많이있고, 스토쿨링 하러도 많이 오는 곳 같았다. 나는 그날 숍에서 마른 과일과 과자도 몇개 구매 해서 돌아오는 길에 먹었던 것 같다. 저녁식사로 샐러드와 등갈비 스테이크, 스파게티와 음료를 먹었던 것 같다. 여기 음식이 괜찮았던 것 같다. 스파게티가 맛있었던 것 기억이 어렴풋하다. 고양이도 마음데로 돌아다녔던 것 같다. 다만 여긴 야외라서 모기가 많으니 모기약을 챙겨가면 좋을 것 같다~