Moraenae Local Market Mission Tour

Exciting local missions challenge, share the warm heart and feel the excitement in Incheon.
  • Price $ 40
  • Duration 8 hours
  • Group of 6-20 people
  • Challenge yourself with exciting local missions in Moraenae market.
  • Share your warm heart with local merchants and children.

  • Explore hidden sptss which show past and future of Incheon.


Team play "Mission" in Local Market 

Moraene is a traditional market where you can find a variety of shops, such as clothing stores, side dishes shops, restaurants, The mission card that you choose will determine the fate of the team! Resolve the exciting missions in traditional markets. With the help from your teammates. When you complete all the missions, the special prize is waiting for you!


Share warm heart with local children

Let's share your warm heart with local children to blow away this cold weather. At Moraenae market, Every team buys the small but special gifts for the children. it will be really meaningful time and a sweet memory for you.


Discover the charm of 'Incheon' What are you imagine about Incheon?  only Chinatown and airport? Incheon is beyond than that! A famous city for Korean drama shooting spots and where you can enjoy culture and arts life. We will bring you to enjoy the scenery of sunset and discover the past and future of Incheon.


[{"day_number": 1, "time_to": "10:35", "time_from": "10:30", "description": "Meet at Exit 03 of Moraenae market station"}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "12:00", "time_from": "10:35", "description": "Have an orientation at Basecamp of Maranae market. We will team up and play a traditional game."}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "13:00", "time_from": "12:00", "description": "Have a lunch and warm up your body for the local missions."}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "14:30", "time_from": "13:00", "description": "Solve Team play missions at Moraenae market."}, {"day_number": 1, "time_to": "18:00", "time_from": "14:30", "description": "Discover past and future of Incheon by visiting hidden but amazing attractions."}]


Number of People Price per Person
1 - 6 $ 40
7 - 9 $ 36


English, Korean


- All the market missions
- Lunch at the local market
- Entrance fees
- Special prize when you complete all the missions


- Transportation
** Move by public transportation.
** For the group, Shuttle bus or private van are also available with additional charge
- Dinner


- Open-mind
- Warm heart
- Willingness to share your experience and skills with others

Meeting point

About the host, "playplanet"

[English] Playplanet connects travelers who are looking for authentic local experiences and locals who can provide it and encourage to make a better impact by traveling in a better sustainable way. We believe that travel has the power to change one's life and the world by connecting people. Travel experience inspires people and these inspiration becomes seeds for personal innovation changing one's mind and behavior and leads social change to make the world better. So, Come and make your local friends at Playplanet. Let's Play Planet ! [한국어] 플레이플래닛은 어떻게하면 누구나 모두가 재미있고 쉽게 여행을 통해 사회혁신을 실현할 수 있을까를 고민합니다.현지인이 호스트가 되어 지역적 경험과 열정을 나누고 여행자는 현지인 친구와 함께 여행하며 살아있는 경험을 갖는,새로운 사회경제적 가치를 만드는 새로운 방식의 여행을 제안합니다. 우리는 아시아의 청년, 여행가, 예술가, 사회적기업가, 지역활동가 등 다양한 분야의 사람들을 연결하고,온라인을 넘어 오프라인으로 여행을 통한 '만남'을 이끌어냅니다.플레이플래닛은 사람과 사람이 만나고 서로가 감동을 나누는 작은 만남이 모여 변화를 이끈다고 생각합니다.여행길 위에서 좋은 사람들과 신나는 만남을 만드는 재미난 상상, 함께 하실래요?

Traveller's reviews

12 reviews
    It was amazing! When I heard the word of Incheon, I only imagine airport but I just knew there's many hidden cool place in Incheon. With the hosts I could experience many things also the sunset at G-Tower beyond my expectation. generally it was good! Thank you Playplanet host! :)
    Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia
    In general the tour was run smoothly and well. I thought there could be a bit more info on Moraenae Market and hosts could have pointed out specific food/vendors that are popular in the market. The views from GTower were great, but here and previously there was a lot of waiting time. The tour ended up being different from what was promised, one thing due to weather so it couldn't be helped and one thing due to students' schedules which probably should have been known by the hosts in advance.
    Hallie Bradley
    There were a lot of food and the price was totally cheap 😁
    Wan Nur Aini
    There's a lot kind of food there and hotteok is one of my favourite😋 the taste was so delicious that will make you addicted to it! The price also were cheaper than other place Recommended place to go gaissssss😍
    Nisya Azmi
    Nice food nice activity and i meet a good and kindly so many delicious food and very suitable for travel people who go this moraenae market.besides that,i have a mission to complete it and get a surprise present..
    Zhi Ling
    I love this market because they sell things in very very cheaper price. Also, the missions let me to exploring the market.
    Nurul Adila