Be a PlayPlanet Host!

Who can be a PlayPlanet Host?

  • A local who wants to create, share and connect with curious travelers.
  • A local who works with local communities, doing sustainable travel projects, social trip and wants to be connected with explorers from around the planet.
  • Anyone who are passionate about the idea of connecting people and places.

The Benefit of Being a PlayPlanet Host

  • Meet and make friends with amazing explorers from around the planet.
  • Organize your experience based on your own schedule.
  • Accept payment online and secure payment system.
  • Free marketing through PlayPlanet platform and let’s find the power of word of mouth in the PlayPlanet community.
  • Being a part of PlayPlanet community where you can share every new idea, travel and work together to open up your world.

3 Simple Steps to Share Your Experience

Let’s Create

Let’s invite the world to your unique experience. Post your own authentic experiences, local knowledge, wisdom, history, community with your passion. Where you live is your playground and let’s explorers from around the world find you.

Let’s Share & Promote

Let’s invite friends, organize your own schedule and get paid for it. Whenever you share your unique experience with the world, it will create more impact, economic value with micro-entrepreneurship.

Let’s Play

Let’s Play together, become a host and introduce the value of traveling that can make the place we live a better place. Let’s your unique experience improve your community and inspire more people around the planet.