About us

playplanet is a community of, by, and for people rocking on a journey.

This platform is a playground that everybody can share authentic experiences and local wisdom with others and create social impact.

playplanet connects travelers who are looking for authentic local experiences and locals who can provide it and encourage to make a better impact by traveling in better sustainable way.

How can we travel better for us and better for the earth?

playplanet starts its journey from the question, 'how we can make a social change through travel?' We find the answer in sustainable travel. When we travel with local people, we can see the world in the eye of local friends and it it is the best way of sustainable traveling which benefits local community, protects environment, and conserve local culture.

Connect. Inspire. Change.

playplanet believes that travel has a power to change one's life and the world by connecting people. Travel experience inspires people and these inspiration becomes seeds for personall innovation changing one's mind and behavior and leads social change to make the world better.

Life changing trip for everyone.
Let's play planet.

playplanet has awesome friends - like social enterprises and foundations and companies and creative and passionate individuals - over the world.

We aims to build global community for travelers who care for our planet earth by connecting people and providing better sustainable travel tool to make a difference on our journey.